Wednesday, 6 February 2019

What's up Wednesday #022

Now then fellow wargamers, another week has passed and it has been a very busy week but not a great deal of painting. I decided it was time I should be using my desk for its intended purpose and not as a dumping ground for projects that I'm not currently working on. So a big tidy was on the cards. It was well worth it and soon I will be able to fold away the small table that I've doing all my painting on and be able to walk round my gaming table again...

But it hasn't just been a week of tidying... I decided to go to Vapnartak in York and try and sell a few things...

As you can see it was quite a good day of selling and I managed to come away from the event with a small profit and some new units for Star Wars Legion. So I got myself a unit of Wookies and some Rebel Commandos. I even found time to build and prime them (I even base coated the Wookies).

But wait there's more. As the I got the main body colour done on the Air Speeders, just needs some panel lines doing to break it all up...
That's all for this week, hopefully they will look a bit more colourful this time next week.


Dan (DeathBringa) Cain

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