Wednesday 27 February 2019

Whats up Wednesday #025

Hello all,

Hope you had another fun and eventful week in wargaming. For me not so much, had a bit of burn out at the start of the week. However the last few days have been fast paced painting of Orks (still of the Space Crusade Variety.) I have been watching a lot of videos from a speed painter on YouTube about painting with washes (Miguel Garcia Fernandez HeroQuest Series). The skin and shoulder pads have been painted with washes after a zenithal undercoat (kinda, probably too much white for that term). Once I decided on the rest of the colours for the Ork's clothing (Thanks for the Suggestion from my close friends Spud and Adam). Also from a meme about a stealthy Ork wearing purple... This is what I came up with:

Amazing the difference one colour makes to the look of a project, going from looking very unfinished to looking almost ready for the table. The boots were also painted using washes (although I think I might need to add another layer of Nuln Oil to them. Lastly for now some Leadbelcher for the metallic parts.

So until next week here is the last WIP shot of the unit:


Dan (DeathBringa) Cain. 

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