Wednesday, 13 February 2019

What's up Wednesday #023

Hello all,

What it's been another week in wargaming and I've been rather busy. I've had a case of shiny syndrome and instead of painting the air speeders I have painted the Wookies. The fact that I had five bases ready to use could have something to do with it. Although I have only got one base ready. 

Not content with the mounting pile of minis I already have, I took a trip to my local game store that I've never been to before Leodis games. It was a bit of a strange place with no clear staff member no they didn't seem to be a obvious place to pay for minis. although with the store being only 10 minutes away it seems like a very good place for supplies on the odd cheeky miniature. So I treated myself...

So now I have a bag full of bases to do so I'd best crack out the air drying clay and get started, see you next week.


Dan  (DeathBringa) Cain

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