Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Dropzone Commander 1500 point Battle Report - UCM Vs PHR - Tournament Practice

With my first Dropzone Commander tournament fast approaching I decided to get some much needed practice on one of the scenarios in the tournament pack. Spud and Aaron were happy to oblige.

As there was quite helpfully 10 scenarios in the Hawk Wargames 2015 tournament pack we decided to just roll a d10 and see which one fate chose. So we rolled up the "Search" scenario, which has a deployment map that looks like it has the measles. 

Although after discovering that we only had 20 possible objective markers and the scenario required us to mark some as real we decided to go for the 5 out of 20 to be real. No we could have mixed them up and placed them our selves to be really tactical... but we decided to be lazy and get Aaron to place them for us.

We also filmed a battle report of this game:

So I don't spoil the results of the battle report I'll put my closing thoughts below:
So after that game what have I learnt? getting the initiative is vital, and I am going to try using a higher level commander in the next test game. This should also provide me with more useful command cards (having a bigger hand of cards).

The Athena (fast mover) didn't quite have the impact I expected, now this could be down to bad luck. Especially as it failed to turn up on its first attack run. So I might take it out the list.

More Apollos are needed, I don't think I can get enough of this unit with its ability to get where I need it and not really needing a transport (thus saving much needed points).

Stealth Missiles are not an upgrade worth the points, unless I have nothing else to spend the points on.

Finally I think I might try taking a second unit of Sirens as they are only 28 points more than a unit of immortals (after transports etc.)

Thanks for reading/watching

Dan (DeathBringa) Cain

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