Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Warhammer Quest Unboxing/for Sale!

Well its not every day that you get to look through a big piece of Wargaming/Roleplaying history. Today I get to bring you two very special unboxings.

Warhammer Quest and its expansion Lair of the Orc Lord. There is some fantastic models in these sets, a real piece of wargaming history.

These are both for sale on ebay (links below the videos)

Warhammer Quest:

Lair of the Orc Lord:

Thanks for checking out the videos.

Dan (DeathBringa) Cain

Oh and for those of you interested in buying these items here are the links:

Warhammer Quest
Lair Of the Orc Lord expansion:

I also have the following Warhammer Quest items for sale:

Treasure Cards expansion 1:
Treasure Cards expansion 2:
Treasure Cards expansion 3:
Spare rule books:
Spare card sets:
Blank event cards:

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