Friday, 18 April 2014

Sternguard WIP

So, here are the new Sternguard I've been working on for my Imperial Fists. They are intended as extra to increase an existing squad to 10 men. As such, there are no combi-weapons on any of these - however, I couldn't resist doing something special for their guns.

Forge World all the way! It was important that these looked different to the bulk of my army, which is why I used the Mk4 armour set, along with the special bolters.
I'm currently undecided about whether to add all the ammo pouches, grenades and holstered bolt pistols to these models, though I did do this to the other Sternguard I built - this may be the deciding factor - Let me know in the comments whether you think this would be a good idea.
Well, that's it for now - please feel free to leave a comment below - the feedback is always appreciated! Check out our Facebook page for a few extra pictures I couldn't fit in here.