Thursday, 2 January 2014

Andy2d6's Mini Tournament BatRep part 1

HI all,

So I recently had the pleasure of going to Andy2d6's home for a post Christmas mini 40k tournament. I was joined on this journey by my good friend Spud Tate. Once there I met a charming guy called John was also playing.

I took my current favourite army the Eldar with me to face the armies of the Dark Angels (Andy), Tau (John) and Imperial Fists (Spud).

I was a very fun day and I played against Tau for the first time (well as the primary detachment). I had a great time and some very entertaining games as its always good to play new people.

Andy has produced some BatReps from the tournament, which you can see below:

This video is Dark Angels Vs Imperial Fists and Then Eldar Vs Tau, enjoy.

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