Sunday, 13 October 2013

Dispatches from the front: week 6 - Actually on time! Winner.

Creidhnan: Apologies for the delay last week, obviously my blood sacrifice was deemed insufficient by the almighty Ne Twor Krail...

Let's get straight to the pictures (and handily avoid noticing that I've done no actual work myself...)!

Prospero: Work is now underway on Ahriman, though its a bit messy at the moment as I was just blocking in the main areas of colour to get an impression of where I wanted to go. Not too sure about the cloak being blue though - with the backpack eventually being mainly blue too I think it might be a bit too much.

Anyone with any suggestions please leave a comment!

I also briefly toyed with painting the helmet horns with blue and yellow stripes, but rejected that idea because a) they are horns b) it would probably look silly c) I'm far too lazy for that!

Totaltyke: I promised pics last week, and have delivered!

Dread. Don't  worry. 'E's 'Armless! (*groan* - Ed)
Only 10 to go! Or 15, depending on the list I use...
I'm making good progress, but it's still going to be tight getting everything done by November. I'll settle on a list this week when I'm a little bit closer. May have to draft some guardsmen from the reserve...

Deathbringa: Finally got some units complete, although still quite a way to go:

Am trying my hand at some deconstructed painting for the war walkers and wraithknight:

Undecided on the weapon options for the waveserpent (scatter lasers or bright lances?). Potentially could be facing AV14. Any thoughts which would be more use? Also, I need help deciding what colour to paint my objective markers - current thinking favours purple or bone.

Creidhnan: That's it for this week, please comment/like/share etc, the guys really value feedback!


  1. Looking forwards to seeing you guys at blog wars! I think the blue cloak looks really good, but if you were worries about to much blue you could make it an off blue, purple type colour? That way they complement wax other without being one big ultramarine impression?

  2. Thanks for the comments. I think it will look better once the cloak is shaded / highlighted. Perhaps then it won't appear so 'flat'