Sunday, 15 September 2013

Dispatches from the front: Week 2

Creidhnan: Welcome back to the second in the series of our weekly updates. I must say I'm more surprised than you are that we've got this far.. Anyway, lets get on to this pictures!

Totaltyke: As promised last week, I've got some pictures of two of my characters for BW6, Belial and a terminator librarian. Belial is finished apart from the back banner and the base.


Who needs eyes when you have second sight?
I also (finally!) managed to finish off my forgeworld dreadnought drop pod, complete with dark angels brass etch.

Next on my list are some deathwing terminators. Please leave C&C below!
Wazdak: Hey everyone,

Unfortunately this week I have been unable to make any progress on Vulkan But I would like to thank everyone for the views, likes and comments on the YouTube video. It really means a lot that you are interested in what we get up to so I hope to record another vlog soon!

On Wednesday I did get a 1,500pt 40K game in against DeathBringa. Chaos Marines Vs White Scars (using the new codex). After losing badly (and numerous other losses), I have been left in a quandry as to how to create an effective (ie: at least competetive) all Nurgle list.

 I was using:
Mark of Nurgle
Blight Grenades
Mark of Nurgle
28 Cultists
7 Plague Marines
7 Plague Marines
Heavy Bolter Sponsons
Heavy Bolter Sponsons
Great Unclean One
Mastery Lvl 2
Greater Reward
14 Plaguebearers
Mark of Nurgle
Greater Reward

Now there are several issues that I have come across with this army (and Nurgle armies in general). In terms of allies I have to take a unit of Plaguebearers. I could take Nurglings but as they cannot claim or deny units I don't feel this would be worth it (except to save points). The Unclean One and the Prince are my 2 best units (although the Unclean One has been instant killed in the last two games...)
I have also discounted a full Daemon of Nurgle army due to lack of competitiveness.

The real issue I have is with the Sorcerer. I don't find the Nurgle powers to be particularly helpful and so I am thinking of dropping him. This would leave me with 75 points. If I dropped 7 cultists (as they are basically just a home objective holder - with the cheap lord in the are fearless), that gives me an additional 28 points. As the army as a whole is 1,499 that would give me 104 points. So here is my question to you guys, what to put in for 104 points?

I am contemplating Lvl 3 on the Unclean One and maybe a few Mastery Levels on the Prince. I usually take Biomancy on these guys and with Warp Speed and Iron Arm (if I'm lucky to get them) they are almost unstoppable. However, I'm reluctant to pour more points into already expensive units.
I could almost squeeze in 3 spawn with Mark of Nurgle, or another Predator?
2 Beasts of Nurgle perhaps?

To generate additional points, I could drop the unit of Plaguebearers and put Nurglings in. This would get me an additional 81 points (so 185 in total). Perhaps a Helldrake?
So yeah, after all that rambling, I guess my question to you is "How to make the above list competitive, whilst still fun to use?"

A few points to remember:
1) Would like to keep full Nurgle theme (undivided would be an option, but preferably Nurgle...)
2) Chaos Marine Primary Detatchment with Nurgle Daemon Allies
3) Units in multiple of 7 if possible (Old School Nurgle List!)
4) 1,500 point list suitable for all comers

Any suggestions welcome, please leave in the comments below or on our Facebook page and I will let you know how I get on!

Prospero: I've made good progress on the daemonic chicken helldrake and it's nearing completion. Just the detail work (cables and so forth) to do. And the base needs a lot of work - needs more dead space wolves....

The gaping maw

Fly my pretties! Fly!

Cacaw! Cacaw!

This is mah Strooong hand...

Creidhan: Apologies for the captions. Our picture editor has been shot.

 As for myself I've been teaching myself to sculpt minor repairs and reposing - I should have something worthwhile to reveal in a few weeks  (*ahem*). On that note, the Legion is decamping to Games Day on the 29th of this month - look out for dispatches that week to get our report on the action.

As always; like, share, comment & enjoy. It's much appreciated!


  1. Thought we established that cacaw, cacaw and tucky, tucky dont work...

  2. I'd just like to point out that those puns were not my doing...