Monday, 4 March 2013

Building the new ruin part 2

Well its been quite a productive weekend

I have made some more progress on the new ruin, started building a foldout X-Wing board and filmed several unboxing videos for the X-Wing Minitures game (more on those two later... )

Let me show you my what I have done with the new ruin...

So as you can tell from the pic above I have put the floors in and this time I thought that less was more. Which means that there wasn't very much floor left in the ruin. This is down to several reasons:
1) It should make it easier to paint
2) Easier to use in games as you can get your hand to all the floors easily.
3) Well it looks good/realistic
I'll leave it up to guys to decide which of those I thought was more important....

Anyway lets get down to the pictures:

For the first floor I decided to give it a wooden floor, this was achieved using lolly pop sticks cut to 40mm and 20mm (that took ages). Then stuck down in alternating rows:

The next floor was tiles, I used card stock cut to 20mm squares, oh and I finished off the wooden floor:
After that I tried using crepe paper to texture the next floor, but I don't think you can see it in the below picture. Teach me for using white on white. This is the first time I have used this for texture so we will see how it goes.
The roof was done again using that cross stitch plastic that used on the previous ruin. Nice and cheap and looks good when painted up.

I have also really attacked it with various tools, broken holes here and there etc, it will soon be ready for the texturing...

Here's a few more shots:

Well that's all from me for now don't forget to catch me on chilling wargamers this Thursday at 7pm GMT/11am PST Dan (DeathBringa) out.


  1. You should really make some plans for this so others can try to build the same - it looks awesome.

    1. I will do something like that for you. It is kind of evolving on its own at the mo. I'll make this part of the next update on the ruin.