Friday, 1 March 2013

Building the new ruin part 1

Hi all,

Firstly if you haven't been to the new 11th Legion Facebook page it can be found here:

I have been quite busy the last few weekends and I have a new piece of terrain on the go. This time its another ruined building. But what's different I hear you cry.... Well this time its the size and hopefully the building should have quite a different look to my other foamboard buildings/ruins.

Below is a few working progress shots:

The windows cut out and the uprights attached:

I decided that I would damage this side, I managed to save the piece I cut off as part of the back wall...

For the windowsill I am trying something new.... lolly pop sticks and I think they have worked quite well.

and lastly some damage to the building:

Well there is still a lot of work left on this terrain piece, will hopefully be able to work on it this weekend.

Dan (DeathBringa) Out

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