Wednesday, 2 January 2013

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I want to tell you all about a new game that went live on kickstarter yesterday.

Beyond the Gates of Antares is a new venture by some of the big names in the wargaming business. Unlike most kickstarters I've seen recently, where the project is more of a pre-order system, Antares offers an opportunity to get in and shape the game itself. That's everything. Rules, models, artwork - even down to how book  should be printed! It also offers something that has been trialled before, but never implemented as an integral part of the game system. Similar to GW's worldwide campaigns, the team aims to  have a persistent system for recording battles online, with the promise that this will have an effect on the game itself. It won't be a static setting, but dynamic and growing.

This offers a new business strategy for the company. It won't be reliant upon endless rules updates, new editions and codexes to shift models. Instead the impetus will be to react to in game events to create new content. New content that you want to buy instead of have to, just to be able to play.

Here's the team behind it (taken from their website)

Game Designers

  • Rick Priestley – This guy you probably know already, but just in case click here
  • YOU!


  • Kev White is an acclaimed and hugely talented sculptor who we’re thrilled to bits to have on-board! You can see some of his work here
  • Bob Naismith is a multi-talented sculptor who created Game Workshop’s Space Marines! He has his own site here
  • Tim Prow is a brilliant modeller who is behind many of the top designs in the world of collectable miniatures and wargames as well as work for TV and films. Check out his website here
  • YOU!


  • Opus Artz - We’re very proud to say that the staggeringly talented team at Opus are with us
  • Golum Painting Studios - Manchester based painters extraordinaire
  • Karol Rudyk – Slayer Sword winner Karol is with us, we’ll be showcasing some of his work very soon
  • Bruno Lavallée – Slayer Sword winner Bruno is also with us and we can’t wait to show you some of his work either!
  • YOU!

Back it now. 

I have.


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