Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Battle of 11th Legion update 28/11/2012

Battle of the11th Legion update 28/11/2012

Hey guys,
We have not forgot the Battle of 11th Legion. Me and deathbringa are working hard to get are 600 point list completed. I have been working very hard to get them complete and a tad closer after a mad blitz over the last few week.
This is mainly due to my new desk. I have everything set out now and is alot easier to work from.

I have made small  change  to the list by taking out the the razorback and replacing it with a rhino with a dozer blade. This will give my troops more cover and speed.
I decided last week to change the colour of my basing as  the  dark blue and grey looked far too dark. So I have changed it to a sandy brown colour. 
Here are some Wips of my army.

Here is the objective marker I have been working on. It  is from the 25th aniversery model.

Here Is the changed army list below. What do you guys think?

Red       Uncomplete 
Orange  Work In Progress
Green    Complete
2nd Company Captain Sealamin Tarmikos of the 8th Sterngaurd

10 Tactical Marines
Sergeant Chainsword/Bolter
Missle Launcher

5 Sniper scouts
Camo Cloaks

Dedicated Transport
Rhino w/Dozer Blade
Drop Pod

5 Sterngaurd

Thank you reading guys. Please help out and spread around.
Happy wargaming.
Peace Spud

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