Thursday, 4 October 2012

GamesDay Captain, and a few other things

Hey all,

Just though I'd do a quick update on what I have been working on recently:

As you can no doubt guess I have managed to get round to building my GamesDay Captain, which is fact the  first Finecast model I have actually built (although not the first I bought, that 25th anniversary model is still in its box). I must say I am very impressed with how easy it went together.

And what model of mine would it be without magnets involved somehow...
So I made a changeable backpack:

I have also made some more bases for my Orks

For the second unit of looters, paved bases, and for the forthcoming FlashGits, some random ground ones:
The actually is some rivets on the white strips of plasticard, but alas the camera hasn't picked them up :-(

Then there is the Space Hulk Terminators for my Blood Angels, which needed stripping after i changed my mind on how I was going to undercoat them. I must reccomend this stuff:

and no, this stuff isn't for after the weekends... It works wonders at stripping the paint of models. Quick 30 second soak and then a quick attack with a toothbrush and they are as good as new (well almost.)

I wanted a Cyclone missile launcher in my shooty terminators and as per usual, magnets are my friends...

And here's the rest of them (more to show of the bases I have done for them... )

And lastly the Terminator that was ripping the floor up, was a bit more of a challenge than the rest to base:

Think I need to redo the join to the plasticard, with proper greenstuff instead of trying to cheat and use liquid...

That's all from me for now, might actually do some painting some time soon.

DeathBringa out.

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