Sunday, 2 September 2012

The workbench


So, still waiting on the results of that competition, so I don't have an update on that for you yet (pics of our entries to follow). Also, the painting challenge with Prospero seems to have fallen by the wayside - will have to pick that up again this month! So, what have I been doing with myself?

Well, here's a shot of my painting table at the moment:

The ogre is my main project. I recently attended the Weekend Workshop, run by Apa and Darkmessiah of Platoon Britannica fame (or is that infamy?), where we learned some new (to me) techniques for painting, focussing on flesh and metal.

This is current progress, after working on the gutplate some more this evening:

Also on the table you can see (left to right): a Yolcameh, from Freebooter's Fate, two (?!) Sarumans and a pair of volunteers for imperial- and crimson fist space marines. Behind them is my Astral Claws rhino-to-be, with a games day deadline. The three guys with no legs are the rhino pintle weapon operators from various kits, who are my testers for the Astral Claws scheme.

Busy times.

On a final note, what's best for filling small bubbles in finecast? It's not a major problem, just needs smoothing over:



  1. Try Liquid greenstuff. Dead easy to apply and smooth out.

  2. Liquid greenstuff. Deathbringa has 2 pots of mine at his
    Peace :)