Sunday, 30 September 2012

One unit complete, but the pile of grey stuff isn't going down!

DeathBringa here with another Battle of the 11th Legion progress update...

I have finally finished my first unit of Blood Axe Ork Boyz, and I am quite satisfied with how they turned out.

The painting on this lot has been quite slow, but I have started to make progress in other areas of the army.
I do like how easy it is to do camo patterns on tanks with an air brush (sorry, the lighting on this pic is a bit bright)

But I made more progress and decided it needed more red....
I have also managed to brake the mountings for the 'Deathroller', (hence why its not in the above pic). 
But its all fixed now. All that's left to do is seriously weather it, and paint the Ork gunner.

On a side note, I finally got Creidhnan to finish the ruin he had been painting for the scenery pool:

I have also been thinking about adding a unit of FlashGits to the force. Here is my first attempt at making a SnazzGun, Still needs a bit of green stuff...

Thats all for now, 
DeathBringa out.

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