Thursday, 9 August 2012

Battle of the 11th Legion, 600 points Progress report (Orks)

This is just a very short progress update on the Orks for the Battle of the 11th Legion, As I am sure a lot of you are aware that you have to be in the right kind of mood to paint sometimes...

Anyway got back into the mood late this evening (about 22:30) and I have made a little progress on the Ork WeirdBoy. made a start on the bone coloured bits and his chains and staff. As you can see below:

Now I am having most of the 11Th Legion over for a hobby day on Saturday so hopefully I will get some shots of what the other guys are working on (unless they post them themselves...) I find these kind of hobby days useful as they help you get back on track with what ever your current project is especially if you work full time like most of the 11Th Legion....

All being well I will start painting the WeirdBoy's unit of Ork Shoota Boys, and who knows, even the Lootas will get some paint on them!

Also what do you all think of the new banner?? I think its great, and it was made for us. So thanks.

One final note, we are now on the Faeit212 blog roll, so check him out (unless you came here from his blog, in which case you already know), great blog with logs of good rumours, and good gaming articles.

anyway thats all from me for now,

DeathBringa Out!

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  1. I'll get in on the act by posting pics of what I entered into that painting contest at around the same time - as I can't make it on Sat.

    Weirdboy is looking pretty good...