Saturday, 11 August 2012

Battle of the 11th Legion, 600 points Progress report (Orks) WeirdBoy Finished!

The WeirdBoy is complete and I am one small step closer to facing off against Spud in the first Battle of the 11Th Legion battle report at 600 Points.

As I'm sure you can see in the background, I haven't made much more progress on the Orks. There was however one very silly thing I did while trying to weight their bases down with pennies....

I decided I was going to use super glue and my brand new accelerator spray. All was going well and I had glued about 10 bases. I gave them a bit to set, then came back and gave the first base a simple stress test. I lifted the base about 1 inch from the cutting mat and dropped it straight down. The penny dropped (literally), didn't think anything of it. Applied more glue to the base (with the brush) and sprayed the penny with accelerator. The glue had failed on a few others as well so I repeated the above process...
By the time I got to the third base I noticed the super glue brush had become very stiff, and put it back in the super glue. When I came to repair the next one I pulled the lid off the super glue and the brush stayed inside the pot! along with the rest of the now solid super glue, lol! In the bin it went and I decided to be more careful in future and also to use Weldbond (a very good white glue) to glue the pennies in the bases.

Thankfully no more pennies have dropped...

Now back to the WeirdBoy and some new basing materials for me....

Now I got this idea after watching terrain tutorials by Austin on

It involved using a very versatile product called preserved moss.  as on the right:

The Green bits can be used for bushes and tufts etc. while the lower half can be used for roots and vines and dead plants

This Lower half of the preserved moss, can also be used to make a very good looking earthy material for my bases.

I took some of my home made brown flock (made using emulsion paint and fine sawdust)

This I mixed up a small test amount with some broken up lower half of the preserved moss. The end result you can see on the right.

Here is some more pics of it in use:

Now I think the bit on the right worked slightly better.

Now I finished off the model with a bit of blue weathering power (home made again.) On the staff, to make it look oxidised.

Now I think it could have gone slightly better, but not bad for a first attempt...

Now here's hoping that I roll lots of 6's when I next use him for his random psychic powers and get some free Waaarrggghhhh's

DeathBringa Out!

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