Friday, 3 August 2012

Battle of the 11th Legion, 600 points Progress report (Space Marines)

Hello everybody,
So I am been told my evil counter part Deathbringa has posted his sneaky dirty greenskin list up.  
Well I will post my 600point army list and the the WIP's of the army up to date.
With it been 600 points I wanted my list as kinda search army. As this be the 1st time I encounter the Orks I did't want it too elitey. I wanted a quick and easy list just to slow down the pesky orks from there main invasion.  

Spud's 600 point Crimson Fist List

Red       Uncomplete 
Orange  Work In Progress
Green    Complete
2nd Company Captain Sealamin Tarmikos of the 8th Sterngaurd

10 Tactical Marines
Sergeant Chainsword/Bolter
Missle Launcher

5 Sniper scouts
Camo Cloaks

Dedicated Transport
Drop Pod

5 Sterngaurd

Dedicated Transport
Drop Pod

Sneak pic of things I'm working on. All corked up and ready for arms.
The sterngaurd have had a small ajusment to there bolter with the rod on the barrel just to look like the have special bolters to the other marines in the army.

I would love hear what you guys think. I will be cracking on with some tactical marines and sterngaurd this week. Then work towards building my drop-pod. I still need to buy a Razorback Or as I have 4 rhinos and 1 whirlwind already I would like to convert one of the previous models with magnets so I can swap the hatch around game to game.
Thank you so much for reading.
Peace Spud

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