Tuesday, 17 July 2012

11th Legion programme of works

Evening all,

By now you're all aware of the upcoming grudge match re-runs between the mighty Crimson Fists (spud) and the speed-obsessed orks (Deathbringa). While we're waiting for the initiation of hostilities, I'll fill you in on what else we have in store for you.

First up, Prospero and I will be undertaking a monthly 40k painting challenge, again in the hopes of reducing the piles of grey matter (platic, not neurons) lying aroundv in boxes.

Our initial challenge, by the end of July(!) is to paint a psyker - helpfully this can stand in for the Painted Dragon competition too! By the end of August we will have completed a monsterous creature or vehicle, and the aim for September is to paint an infantry unit.

Challenge entries can be from any army, to stave off repetition. If you want to join in, send your pictures to us at the blog address, by the last day of the month and we'll be happy to display your work to!

Also in the works is a tyranid invasion campaign with multiple players per side; I'm hoping to be able to start this in september, but there is quite a lot of preparation to do! Expect at least some of my painting challenge entries to be related.

Finally, and also campaign related, I recieved an awesome package of terrain goodness last week - more details in the next post!

To summarise, inbound we have: Monthly painting, campaign preparation an terrain articles! Ontop of the campaign that is about to kick off  we should be quite busy..

(Apologies for typos - phone typing less than ideal)

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