Friday, 29 June 2012

Space Marine Land Speeder (With Magnets)

Well it has been a while since my last post and we have been building up to another doubles tournament.
And this time we will hopefully do better than mid table obscurity (and remember to take some photos.) So Creidhnan will be handling the Camera :-)

This time however I have decided to take a Land Speeder, but I only had the points for one with a Multi-Melta. But as all the Games Workshop kits seem to come with all the weapon options it would be a waste not to have the option to use them...

So here goes...

The Typhoon Launchers:

I started with the weapons themselves inserting two small magnets (2mm x1mm), and then to ensure I got the magnets in the right place on the weapon mounts I put a small amount of paint on the magnets I was going to use. This had two benefits, One it showed me exactly where I should drill and two it helped show me the polarity so that I didn't put them in the wrong place (as they can be a bugger to get out without damaging what you have put them in.)

Left: two magnets are inserted into the weapon, and another two are place on top of them. The ends are then painted. While wet they are paced onto where they are to be mounted (right.)

Unfortunately I slightly damaged this one before I tried this method, but it didn't end up that bad in the end.

Next it was time to sort the under-slung weapons (Heavy Flamer and Assault Cannon.)

Now in my infinite wisdom i didn't take any photos of the weapon mount without a weapon on it. (These should come later, hopefully...)

The Multi-Melta/Heavy Bolter was very easy. Just another 2mm x1mm magnet where the guns should rest and another on the weapon controls and were done.

Here's another final pic before I start giving it a base cost with my airbrush.

Oh and before I go, here is something else I have on the go for the doubles tournament.

DeathBringa Out...

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