Wednesday, 6 June 2012

DeathBringa's Panzer IV's (Part 1)

Well its been a while and I am enjoying the use of my airbrush.

I have started work on a squadron of Panzer IV tanks for use in Flames of War, and I am really liking the models made by the plastic soldier company.

All progress has been so far made with an airbrush.

Anyway here is a few stage by stage pictures:

First I hit them with a undercoat of Vallajo's German Red Brown primer:

Next I base coated the model using Tamiya Paint Dark Yellow, this was the first time I have used Tamiya Paints and I was very surprised that it didn't require thinning at all to use it in my air brush. I tried to avoid hitting the tracks as much as I could.


Then I started on the camo patterns and I started with Tamiya Nato Green.

The next step was another defining part of the camo pattern, Tamiya Nato Brown:

That's all for now, soon I will have to get the normal paint brushes out to pick out the details and start some weathering.

Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later :-)

DeathBringa Out.

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