Saturday, 21 April 2012

Ork Warbuggy scratch build (WIP) part 1

Well with the Blood Angels almost finished, I decided that I would focus on one of my other armies that have been neglected. There is quite a few of them.... Eldar, White Scars, Tyranids and Orks just a to name a few.

And I started by drafting up a new army list and when I was almost finished, I realised that it lacked a bit of long range anti-tank (the one unit of lootas wasnt really going to cut it.) So I decided to put some WarBuggies in (with twin linked rokkit launchers).

After realising that the current WarBuggy model quite dated, (being the one from second edition). So converting a model kit or scratch building seemed the only way forward. As I had done plenty of converting from model kits for the army in the past. I decided to try my hand at scratch building one.

This is what I have come up with so far....

I created the basic shape of the body out of plasticard.

Then glued the parts together, and made a seet of handle bars out of an Orc spear arm.

attached some trukk wheels, that I had left over from another conversion I did a while ago...
There is still a ton of work left on this, mainly to stop it looking like a box with wheels. I also need to figure out a way of making the rokkit launcher turret.

 anyway thats all from me for now.

DeathBringa out.

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