Thursday, 12 April 2012

11th Legion - 1st Battle Report

Hello everyone,
Today is our first Battle Report upload for 11th Legion. After almost 4 days of editing, uploading and uploading again to YouTube. Thank you Deathbringa for spending all those hours chopping, changing and uploading your time is valued. ( Just need to do a better army than Blood Angels)
Prospero's Thousand Sons Vs DeathBringas Blood Angels
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Thank you to Creidhnan for been the cameraman for the day of filming this.
We are very small group at the moment but want to expand to bigger things this will include More Battle Reports , More Tutorials, Bitz & Bobz and reviews on everything or anything we have to offer.
Can everyone comment, like and subscribe all help is helpful at 11th Legion. We will post all links to twitter, Facebook and YouTube channel below.
11th Legion would like to thank for helping assist through videos and posting.
Thank you for reading,
Wagamer Friendly 11th Legion


  1. Looks great keep it up guys.

  2. Thanks, sure will. Just need to get them in order so that we dont have too many grey models on the board...

  3. I have 9 models painted now. whoop 20 more to go. Cant wait to get my crimson fists involved