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Nikolian Creith (Iron Hands)

 Nikolian Creith (150/170pts*)
‘One-hand’, Sinisterum of the Iron Hands
*150 points with servo harness and boltgun. He may exchange these for a conversion beamer or graviton gun, in which case he costs 170 points. He may not take any other upgrades.

The Iron hands are not organised into battle companies, but ten self-sufficient clans. The Chapter is led by a council of members from each clan. Outside of this structure stand the Primarch’s huscarls. These are the veteran Morlocks, the Librarius and the Iron Fathers; both techmarine and chaplain.

The senior officers of the household are the Dexterum and Sinisterum. The Right Hand, as nominal Chapter Master, is the Primarch’s steward. The Left Hand, or Sinisterum, is the Master of the Forge. Together they unite the competing clans, providing inspiration and guidance. Codex chapters view this arrangement with suspicion, believing it evidence that the Iron Hands loyalties are split between Mars and Terra.

The current Sinisterum is Nikolian Creith, whose tale shows that Man can overcome his weaknesses, if he is properly tempered. He was well-known for his impetuousness, arrogance and uncanny skill with mechanicals. His own failings were exposed aboard the Gorgon’s Wrath; an overloading plasma conduit caused the death of a fellow initiate and the loss of his right hand.

Without the guidance of his Iron Father, Nikolian had siphoned off plasma from an overloading reactor, believing it would otherwise cripple the ship. He was condemned for his actions by the Council, and was only saved through the personal intervention of Sinisterum Machaon.

Creith’s hand, as a punishment, was not replaced; the symbol of his folly. He was called ‘One-hand’, held up as a warning to others. Humbled, yet benefitting from the discipline and tutelage of Machaon, his knowledge of archeotech expanded rapidly.

When he returned from Mars as an Iron Father, the epithet ‘One-hand’ had stuck - not an insult, but a mark of respect. Even one-handed Creith was more skilled with mechanicals than any of his peers, as proved when he won the Trials of Iron in three consecutive years. This remarkable feat exemplifies the Iron Hands’ belief that failure overcome is a new source of strength.

Creith is most lauded for his actions during the battle of Cusichaca. Facing a massive enemy counter-offensive, the Iron Hands were on the verge of collapse. Their command structure was in tatters, with Machaon dead and the force’s leader, Ancient Barros, a near wreck from enemy missile batteries.

Striking secret runes of activation and modulation, Nikolian slowly coaxed the dreadnaught’s spirit back to life. Heartened by the return of the Ancient, the Iron Hands threw themselves at the enemy. Creith stood side by side with the dreadnaught, assault cannon and boltgun spitting death in tandem.

Together, they threw back wave after wave of decadent cultists. Creith shielded the sacred machine from heavy anti-tank fire with his body. There he would have been lost, had his brothers not carried him from the field and replaced his broken flesh with sacred steel.

Following his appointment as Sinisterum, Creith has organised the defence of Medusa during the 13th Black Crusade. In the desperate struggle, he has opened long sealed vaults to bring forth relics of destruction not seen in an Age.

Nikolian Creith

For all intents and purposes, Nikolian Creith is a Master of the Forge.


And They Shall Know No Fear, Combat Tactics, Independent Character.

Blessing of the Omnissiah, Bolster Defences:

See page Techmarine entry on page 71.

Chapter Tactics: If you include Nikolian Creith then all units in your army exchange the Combat Tactics special rule for the Slow and Purposeful universal special rule. If more than one character in your army has the Chapter Tactics special rule, you must choose which version will apply.

Flesh Is Weak: Nikolian Creith is Stubborn.


Conversion beamer: See page 70.

Servo-arm, Servo-harness: See page 71.

Heart of Iron: A relic from a forgotten age, the Heart of Iron is a bionic chest piece that can sustain life even in the face of the most horrific injuries; a debt that must be paid at some future date. The Heart of Iron confers a 5+ invulnerable save. At the conclusion of battle, roll a d6. On a 4+ then Nikolian Creith takes a wound, with no saves of any kind allowed.

Stasis grenades: Defensive grenades. When a unit declares an assault against Creith or his unit, roll a d6 before moving any models. On a 1, there is no further effect. On a 2-5, the unit counts assaulting through cover. On a 6, the unit may not assault or take any further action this assault phase.

Graviton gun: A graviton gun is so rarely seen by those uninitiated to the sacred mysteries of the cult Mechanicus that is considered a myth. Originally developed for deep void mining, the graviton gun operates on the same principles that propel a landspeeder. It affects the local gravity field of the target, making it either much heavier or much lighter. On high power settings the resultant stresses can pulp organs, or shear a battle tank in two. It has the following profile:

Graviton Gun
Heavy 2, Blast, Pinning!

* The strength of the graviton gun varies with the size of the target hit. Do not roll to wound as normal, instead the model takes a wound unless it rolls over its toughness value on 1d6. A 6 will always pass.

Against units with an armour value, use the following table:

10 (or less)
10, Lance.

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