Monday, 26 March 2012

Mission accomplished (DeathBringa's Painting Challenge)

Well its been a busy week for me painting wise, with more to paint than I usually do in a month compacted into little over a week.

It all started a week ago last Friday when I decided I to change my army I was going to use for the Yorkshire open tournament (More on that later...)

It wasn't a small change as you might have expected, but over 800 points of new units to paint (out of a 1800 point army!)

But after a many a late night after a fulls days work this is what I managed to come up with, and I was reasonably pleased with what I managed to do in such a short time.

And so without further ado here is the finished units....

New HQ section... A terminator Librarian (with storm bolter...)

Then I added a second Sanguinary Priest, this time in terminator armour:
which is just a grey night terminator apothecary (with some of the iconography removed).

Next was a new heavy support unit... a vindicator!

And then another addition to the Elites section, a terminator assault squad:

And their transport.... A Land Raider Crusader!

Well I might be Blood Angeled out for a while now! So you might see something different from me soon...

DeathBringa Out.

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