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Hi all,

Nice to meet you.

I'm Creidhnan. As you will find out, I like to make stuff up. In fact, it's probably what I do most, so don't be suprised if very little actual painting goes on.. I'll periodically post up whatever I've been ruminating on recently. Feel free to use it however you please - just let me know how it works out for you!

First up, a special character for Lord of the Rings (SBG). C&C please:

Mordraug (Warg) Points value: 90
Hero choice for Moria

Wild Wargs infest the Hithaeglir. Gigantic wolves, steeped in evil, they make travelling perilous and living in the shadows of the Misty Mountains a tentative proposition at best. In recent times the woodsmen have become more numerous, settling in the region from lands to the South. These men have learned to fear the howls of the Warg, barring their doors tight, for they promise bloodshed before the morning comes.
Wild Wargs often make alliances with the Goblin hordes, serving as mounts and scouts in return for flesh and feeding rights. Both parties profit; the men of the region were too well-armed to attack alone. Wargs have a superior sense of smell and thus they are able to attack during hours of darkness, when the menfolk are at their most vulnerable.
Warg packs are led by the strongest of the beasts: They fight viciously for their positions and see off many challengers. Most notorious of these chieftains was allied to the Great Goblin, before the orc’s untimely death on the point of Glamdring. Charcoal grey and heavily scarred, he led savage raids that left settlements in smoking ruins, none of the inhabitants to be found come morning.
Mordraug, as he is known to the Elves of Mirkwood, came to prominence at the time that the Necromancer raised the dark hold of Dol Guldur. As time progressed he led larger and more daring raids into the surrounding lands and the woodsmen learned terror.
One evening the wheel of Fate turned once more. Arriving at the arranged meeting place to prepare for another foray, Mordraug and his pack encountered an unusual group of travellers. Baying at the moon, they hounded them to the clearing ahead, where the strangers hastily climbed into the trees out of reach. Suspicious that they might be spies for the woodsmen, Mordraug set guards on their trees while he waited for his Goblin allies.
Before they could arrive, however, fire rained down from above, scorching his snout, blinding his left eye, and setting his followers aflame. Howling in agony the pack reeled.

The strangers may have escaped then, had the Goblins not finally arrived and beaten out the flames, save those around the captives. Elated by this turn of events, the Wargs and Goblins taunted the prisoners, hoping to feast on roast flesh. As mentioned in other accounts they were disappointed in this goal by Gwaihir.

Mordraug arose in wrath, gathering his followers and many other packs of Wargs to Mt. Gundabad, and Bolg. Learning the identity of the dwarves behind his burning, Mordraug led the host East, through hidden paths away from prying eyes. In this way the Goblins and Wargs approached Erebor unnoticed, where they were finally brought to a halt at the Battle of Five Armies.

It is not known whether Mordraug survived the battle, for few did. In subsequent years the men around the Misty Mountains lived in peace, though they once more whisper of the dark death in the night as Wargs begin to howl in the hills once more.

Fangs, claws and bad breath.

Special Rules
Terror. A nightmare from the deep dark of the Edge of the Wild, Mordraug evokes Terror in the enemy, as described in the Courage section of the rules.
Woodland Creature. Mordraug never considers areas of wood to be difficult terrain. He can move 10”/24cm in any wooded area classed as difficult terrain just as if he were in the open.

Huntmaster. Only other Wild Warg Chieftains, Wild Wargs, Warg Riders and Warg Marauders may use Mordraug’s Stand Fast! rule or benefit from his heroic actions.

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