Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Prospero's Painting Adventures

A short update this time. Several of us here at 11th Legion will be attending some tournaments over the next couple of weeks. Naturally, as the deadline looms, many late nights of frantic painting result.

These two are the latest additions to my Knights Sanguine army. The flash has made them a little brighter than they really are, as the 'white' half of their armour is actually Bleached Bone. This was also my first attempt at adding a firing effect to the weapons. This was achieved by drilling into the barrel and inserting a length of brass rod. A blob of Green Stuff was then added, before being pulled to create several spikes. I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the results. The base of the sergeant model includes some cork tile pieces for added height - thanks must go to Cortez for providing the idea for this - as well as the cork!
I will hopefully be posting some full army pics soon. Until then, its back to the painting!


  1. Hey Spudkins thanks for the invite to your blog. Just read every page and enjoying this blog. Keep up the great work!!


  2. Thank you Greydeathone. Loving the new technique Prospero.

  3. Nice work :) Two questions: This a custom/sucessor chapter? And where are the plasma effects from? Armourcast or different company?

    (Rock/Geek Journo)

    1. Its a successor chapter. I believed the name to be of my own devising, only to discover a single mention of a chapter of that name buried in the codex 3 months later! I'll still claim credit then!

      The plasma effects were home-made using brass rod and green stuff.