Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Preperation for the 40k Yorkshire Open Tournament (Pic Heavy)

Hi all,

I am gearing up to go to the 40k Yorkshire open tournament on the 19th of this month and I almost have everything painted. This is a scary concept for me as I haven't had a fully painted army for years. I fell into a trap, that I'm sure many veteran players out there have come across. Where you have too many armies to paint and it all gets a bit daunting.

So a while back I decided to just concentrate on one army (Blood Angels if you haven't already guessed...)

Its almost complete with small bits to do here and there, so I thought I would show you all my progress.

I really need to get a daylight bulb as this is throwing out some of the colours on the photos. So apologies for that.

This is my 1800 point Blood Angel force, that I will be taking. Bit bigger than I am used to as we normally play 1500 point games in my gaming group...

Here's a few pics of the individual units:

Assault Marines, with a Sanguinary Priest and Reclusiarch (who needs a jump pack...)

Devastator Squad: Almost finished, I am going to use 'Army Painter' quick shade on them and will post a pic of this when they are finished.

Tactical Squad: This has been painted since the White Dwarf codex came out... so quite a while.

Another Assault Sqaud, on foot with a Razorback:

Death Company, with Lemartes (that will ride in a Storm Raven), gone half and half with the Boltgun\Bolt pistol ratio.

Auto-Cannon Predator, with Las-Cannon  sponsons: This tank has had two coats of quickshade applied as I made the mistake of using spray varnish outside when the temperature was quite low and managed to frost it! Managed to scrape most of it off before applying more quickshade.

Baal Predator, with Heavy Bolters:

And lastly The Storm Raven:

So there you go, quite a bit to do, with a lot of the units being 90% completed. Got 10 days to finish them...

What do you think? Please leave a comment below.

DeathBringa out.

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  1. That all looks fantastic brother. I'm next to complete a army :).