Saturday, 4 February 2012

More Magnets and another Predator tank! And a bit of Space Crusade!!

It's been a while since my last post, been very busy and a while ago I built another Predator tank for my Blood Angels. Now the photos were taken so long ago that I have almost finished painting it!

And it wouldn't be one of my (newer) tanks if it wasn't covered in magnets.....

Here's a few work in progress pics:

Firstly I started off with the turret. I wanted to be able to swap the guns this was a lot easier than I was expecting. The holes in the turret that normally allow the gun barrel to move up and down were just the right size for the magnets I was using. So I just sandwiched it between the two halves of the turret:

Next was the small task of drilling holes for the magnets on the Auto-Cannon and the Las-Cannon...

The guns just slide in and the magnets hold it in place.

Now I have had an issue with Predator sponsons in the past. They tend to break, and snap off, I wanted to avoid this. This is where having a selection of magnets really comes in handy. So I eliminated the weak part from the build and replaced it with magnets....

Now as part of the sponson normally went inside the gun I mounted a thin sheet of plasticard on top of the weapons. This next part is where having a selection of various sizes of magnets comes in handy. A very thin magnet (only 0.5mm thick!) was glued to the top of each of the guns and a thicker one was attached to the underside of the sponson.

I also attached a small magnet to the back of the sponson so that I could remove them if I didn't want sponsons in a game:

I used a small off cut of plasticard to build up where magnet on the sponson would attach to, same for the hatches that would be in place when the sponsons were not in use:

Here is couple of pics with the weapons attached:

And with the hatches in place...
And we also had a good games night where we played some good old games, Space Crusade being one of the better games.

Here's a few pics of that:
Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures I was using the camera on my phone..

One soon to be dead heavy weapon trooper:      Mission dreadnought. Objective sighted!

Amazingly this sergeant survived this battle... He was in more peril from the suicide gretchin!

And the Imperial Fists Enter a new quadrant.... have they taken on too much?

We enjoyed this blast from the past so much I am going to paint one of the two copies I have (I know I'm very lucky) and who knows I may find an excuse to put some magnets in there some where. Regardless I will post up the pics of the progress of this new project once the tournament is out of the way. Which will mean I finally have a fully painted army (only taken about 16 years! too many armies)

DeathBringa out


  1. Nice job with the magnets. It can add some time to the construction of the model, but it's so much more versatile in the end.

    Ron, From the Warp

    1. Thanks for that. Magnets are definately the way forward with all the spares you get in the kits these days. Helpful with how the game may change when 6th ed comes round.