Friday, 24 February 2012

Games Night: Space Crusade

Well its been quite a while since my last post....

...and since then we have had quite a good games night with the recently popular (well, with us anyway) Space Crusade!

I hopefully going to make the next game into a video battle report (might take me a while as I have never done it before.)

But in the meantime, here are the highlights of the last game:

Prospero took control of the Imperial Fists (which is unsurprising, since that is one of his main armies when he isn't using his superbly painted 'Knights Sanguine')

Creidhnan took control of the Blood Angels and started the game as a Lieutenant Primus due to the stellar performance last session:

Cortez was very disappointed that he was to use the Ultramarines, so re-christened them the Crimson Fists (this seems to make him very happy)

I was left as the Chaos Commander, with the threat of being turned into a chaos spawn if my performance was not up to scratch.

Prospero's sergeant advances onto a new board section, with some 'blips' behind a door!

The door is opened... has he bitten of more than he can chew? As he comes face to face with...

Three orks and a chaos havoc marine!

But as you can imagine... like any good space marine commander, he gets really stuck in killing the first ork in his way, allowing the plasma gunner a very tasty shot down the line...

Cortez seems to be missing all the action, moving round an empty board section...

Creidhnan's sergeant gets a nasty surprise when a grot manages to wound him with a lucky shot (even through his force field!)

And then I get baffled for a moment (by a rules query).

The Imperial Fists find a dreadnought and issue a much needed order to inflict maximum damage,

Unfortunately for them, they only blow the guns off it!

Then the sneaky Crimson Fists (Ultramarines), show up to finish the job, and more importantly... get the points!

The Chaos forces arrive en-masse and wipe out the Imperial Fists (second time this has happened to Prospero, lol).

All in all we all had a blast playing this golden oldie...

I managed to kill enough marines to avoid the dreaded chaos spawnification!

Finally I thought I would do some tally shots with all the kills each player managed in them...

Cortez managed to pick up the Primary and Secondary mission objectives, with a huge amount of kills.

And I didnt manage to kill any of his marines!

Creidhnan came second, with heavy casualties, but impressive kills non the less!

Prospero was wiped out to a man, but insisted he get some credit for blowing the dreadnoughts guns off!

Well that's all from me for now, hopefully I will manage to tape the next session, and better explain what's going on...

DeathBringa Out!

(I also have plans to make a 3d version of this game and paint the miniatures to a good standard!)

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