Monday, 27 February 2012

DeathBringa at the Yorkshire Open Tournament

Hi all,

This report, of how I did at the Yorkshire Open, is a tad late. It was over a week ago, but never mind....

The tournament had a 1800 point limit, and this is the army I used - my Blood Angels:

My results were very average, and out of the three games played, I won 1, lost 1 and drew 1 (with a good 8 kill points scored per side)

And by some fluke I got through to the final, which will take place in March. Wish me luck!

This was the army I used:

Reclusiarch: Jump pack.

Sanguinary Priest: Jump pack, power weapon.

5 Assault Marines: Meltagun.
Razorback: Twin heavy bolters.

10 Assault Marines: Meltagun, power fist (sgt.)

10 Tactical Marines: Missile launcher, meltagun

10 Death Company: Two power fists,

Baal Predator: Twin assault cannons, two heavy bolters

Predator: Auto-cannon, two las-cannons

5 Devastator Marines: Four missile launchers

Storm Raven: Twin las-cannons, twin multi-melta, extra armour

So what do you all think to that list?


  1. Take out the Blood angels and put in Crimson Fists ;)

  2. real Crimson Fists? or Ultra Crimson Fists?