Saturday, 11 February 2012

Another Classic

As we've mentioned before, we sometimes like to dust off an older game, and earlier this week, it was Heroquest. What followed was an enjoyable couple of hours of battling various orcs, goblins, undead, and worse!
Highlights included an Elf repeatedly using a Barbarian as a human shield, along with said Barbarian winning every fight he got into, but proving completely unable to avoid repeatedly falling down holes (he did this about 8 times!).

In our first session - this was our second - all 4 heroic characters put in an appearence, with myself and Deathbringa controlling 2 each. This made the missions a little too easy though. This time we were restricted to one each, resulting in a much more challenging experience (and none of the Wizard's 'slap and run' tactics!). In fact, it was only through well-timed healing potions / spells that allowed our characters to make it to the end. Looking forward to the next time!


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