Sunday, 1 January 2012

WIP: DeathBringa's Blood Angels

Been making some progress on my Blood Angels.

I am adding a unit of Devastators to my army, and I'm trying some new basing techniques.
anyway heres a few pics:

I have also decided to split the Assault marine squad into two seperate units, that will be mounted in razorbacks. So in order to do this I needed new sergeants.

Cortez was helpful enough to donate some old metal models that would fit the bill. I wanted these untis to be nice and cheap (points wise). So I decided to go Bolt pistol and chainsword. Following the theme of trying new ideas on how the bases are textured I used them as test ideas.

1st Sergent (Slate Base):

The shoulder pad I used on the segeants is the same type I use on all my Sergents. Its originally the came with the older Baal Predatator, that I got back in the good old days of GW mail order. When you could order individual components. I ordered quite a few, but have since run out and had to resort to making press molds so that i could make them with a bit of green stuff. they did comeout quite well.

Sergeant 2 (Cork Base):

After I assembled the base, I liberally coated it in watered down PVA glue. That will hopefully make the cork less brittle.

Anyway thats all for now from me.

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