Tuesday, 3 January 2012

DeathBringa's Ruins (Part 2)

I have been cracking on with my current terrain project, one of hopefully many ruined buildings.

So here goes....

I decided to do something new with the flooring that I haven't done on any of my previous ruined buildings.
As was going to be some kind of Cathedral type building I thought I should do something different with it.

So I went for hardwood flooring:

This was achieved by using lolly pop sticks cut to two different sizes.

I also decided to add a pile of rubble at the back of the ruin.

This was just a random selection of bits of foam board, just piled up.

Next I added a wooden fence with a gate to the front of the building. Also a good use of marines to hold the posts up while the glue dried. The fence was made out of more lolly pop sticks cut in half length-ways.

The side of the fence was completed by adding a broken section.

I tried to create a broken fence post, with the broken fence section.

Here's a few pics of the progress so far...
Well hopefully I will get the base textured with "goop" tomorrow.

Thats all from me for now...

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