Thursday, 29 December 2011

WIP: Captain Cortez Reborn

Hey guys, been busy again tonight.

My whole army is inspired by the Rynns world book. I liked Crimson Fists before this Pedro guy came along and everyone wanted to be them. Soooo I've decided to have my own Captain Allesio Cortez leading my army.

These are the tools, parts I'm using, and some shots of the 'finished' product (so far as it goes):

Tell me what you think.
Peace and love.


  1. Kantor actually appeared in Rogue Trader, but nevermind..

  2. Well, Kantor came first, so you can't really have liked the Fists since before he was invented.. =p Cortezis still cool, though.

  3. Because people liked doing crimson fist's loads when codex space marine came out because of pedro. I liked them before kantor was published rules wise.
    That make sense? Peace