Thursday, 29 December 2011

DeathBringa's Blood Angels Part 3

Hi all,

Finished another long painting session.... and I have managed to get my HQ choices done.

Firstly here is Chaplain Lemartes (that I am going to be using as a Reclusiarch with jump pack). I did buy him originally to lead my death company, but I decided to take the unit out of my army as I felt I wasn't making good use of the points I was spending on the unit. Yet as its such a nice model I didnt want to leave it out.

Next is another Chaplain/Reclusiarch which will come in handy if I ever use my stormraven in a game....who knows I may even magnatise the back pack, so that I have the option to give him a jump pack (that is if Lemartes ever needs a rest :-) ).

Well thats all from me for the time being,

See you around,


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