Sunday, 15 March 2015

Painting Update - Part 2

Time for another painting update, and more Nurgle bikers. First up, the squad champion.
 The power scythe was made from the handle of a large power axe and a plasticard blade. I decided to have this bike rearing up on one wheel as it looked more impressive that way when I was gluing it together.
 The champion's body was another from the Forge World Plague Marine upgrade set.
Next up, a squad member with melta gun. This was also the first model I tried the rust effect on.
 And finally, a shot of the whole squad. The only things left to finish are the bases. For these, I want to go for a red 'mars' effect. Any suggestions would be welcomed! An attempt at this can be seen on part of the champion's base, but I'm not sure whether I like how it turned out.

As usual, comments are welcome, either here or on our Facebook page. That's all for now,


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