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Dispatches from the front: week 4 - Games Day, 2 Primarchs and upcoming forgeworld bits and bobs.

Creidhnan: Salutations, mortals.

The Legion has just returned from Rapid Reaction duties at Games Day in Birmingham, and we're chockers with photos and news from the day. Check out the slideshow here..

First thing to do on the Day of Games day is to have a mega breakfast. You will be on your feet most of the day.

And then you join the queue:

It begins
And goes on...
And on
And, if you're unlucky, you can queue behind me all the way baack up the hall..
Then you can join the queue for Forgeworld models..

And stare enviously at all that space....

So, onto the main event:

We've already had the news of the next codex supplement that will be released - Imperial fists! Unfortunately the extracts available to the public were fluff and scenarios only, but Prospero has his eye on it already.

As you can see above, Lorgar is the next Primarch to be released, in the next few months I believe, and is sporting a spiffing paint job by  Mark Bedford (IIRC). Following that, Primarch number 5 is....

The one and only. I think March was mentioned? Don't hold me to that, I've napped since then.

The next few pictures concern what's in the pipeline from forgeworld via the seminar, and should speak for themselves:

So it's looking expensive for me. Night Lords just out, and Alpha Legion to come.. We were told they were aiming for 2 books a year, but that may slip as they are very labour intensive. I understand that there are to be at least 9 books, split into three trilogies. The next trilogy was to be Prospero, Some blood angel-deamon thing and Calth.Presumably followed by the Seige of Terra for trilogy three? (Speculation warning). Xednos were brought up in the Q&A - they are unlikely to appear until the Scouring, if they ever get around to doing that period. Something to do with the Imperium being so dominant.

But we should see more non-marine factions appearing in the next trilogy, starting with Custodes and Sisters of Silence in Prospero, and followed by some Imperial Army stuff.

Allegedly all this heresy love is why we're not really seeing anything else (Fantasy, xenos) coming out of forgeworld at the moment. Win some, lose some.

They want to do multiple poses for the Primarchs, plus as many of the minor characters as they can, but I got the impression that resources are quite tight and it's a case of "don't hold your breath,  when we get to them".

We were also warned not to expect many new announcements in the immediate future as they pushed hard to get most of it done in time for Games day.

Following the seminar I had a quick world with Steve Whitehead who has done the (oh, so gucci) Night Lords. Just take my money already! 


Anyway, here are some pages from the sketchbook he had out:

Steve's actually managed to make them menacing -as they should be- insetead of the comic book comedy treatment they had from GW previously. Definitely a talent to watch, and an all round nice bloke who tolerated my inane questions on and unrelated subject (drawing). Thanks Steve!

All in all it was a good day, though as you can see Forge World stole the show for me. Upsides to the venue change were a) location - easier to get reasonably priced food and b) the smaller size meant you could actually get in and talk to the design team (and try not to leave drool on the plastic..).

I was disappointed that the retail area took up half the floor space, though given the size of the queues (my other downer of the day) I guess it was necessary. I thought I'd feel the lack of gaming tables - Other legionnaires certainly did- but I didn't have time to get around everything properly as it was.I didn't even manage to check out the Daemon hall in full! Thankfully I'd gone down Saturday night to meet some painter buddies, so that was less of an issue.

Overall it was a great day, and I'm looking forward to next year. Oddly though, not for the event, but to catch up with all the guys. It's definitely the people that make it!

Games Day closed out with the Golden Daemon awards, as always. The standards were high, also as always. David Soper walked away with two Golds and a silver *40k single, diorama, fantasy single respectively), as well as the slayer sword! Special shoutout to Gus Kearns, who took silver in duel - I think it was his first time entering? Massive props dude! 

Congrats to all the other painters who won. If you want a fuller report check out Rafa's blog.

Thanks to all the guys and gals who made me welcome Saturday night, it was nice to finally meet all of you!

And just to prove that we haven't been totally lazy, here's a word from someone who actually did some work this week...

Prospero: I have added some beams to the base, as well as some green stuff flames- it is now ready to be sprayed.I also started work on another sorcerer, though at the moment he may not make the blog wars force. Still, he provides some useful practice for when Ahriman arrives!

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