Sunday, 22 September 2013

Dispatches from the front: Week 3

Creidhnan: Felicitations all, you have made it through another week of inane drudgery! Time for your weekly fix of miniaturised plastic opiates.This week, we kick off with something that is actually something by me...

I've been working on a Sons of Horus legion champion. I wanted to get him done by Sunday (for Golden Daemon) but that's looking increasingly unlikely..

I'm going for a triadic/ split complementary scheme of blue-green, red and orange-yellow. We'll see how it come out - I will get this finished, even if it;s not by the weekend. I'm hoping to test out my Blog Wars list fir the first time this week, and I'll need to make a start on the painting.. (86 marines. 6 Weeks. 1 Nervous breakdown..)
Prospero: As promised, dead spaced wolves, including an airbourne one!

The burning effect was achieved by.. well, burning! A few matches were used to make sections of the armour melt.

Next stage will be to green stuff some flames before painting. I also tried to get an x-wing game in vs Deathbringa, but sadly we couldn't finish it. We are planning a rematch with the usual battle report, so watch out for that!

Totaktyke: So, painting wise, this week has been slower than I'd hoped. I have managed to get the 1st base coat done on 5 terminators, and have also started on my venerable dreadnought. Hopefully I'll have something to show next week.

I did manage to get a game in against Wazdak at 1500pts. He used his Nurgle CSM with Nurgle Daemon allies. He tweaked his list from the one he posted, swapping the plaguebearers for 3 bases of nurglings, and reducing his cultist squad (I think) and using the points saved to but more mastery levels on the Sorcerer, Great Unclean One, and Daemon Prince.

I used my Tzeentch Daemon list, which was roughly:
Lord of Change - ML3, 2 Greater Rewards and a Lesser Reward

2 Tzeentch Heralds - ML3 and Exalted Locus

2 units of 18 Horrors

3 units of 3 screamers

1 unit of 3 flamers

Daemon Prince with Exalted Reward, ML3, wings and 3+save.

Mission was 'The Relic' with Hammer and Anvil Deployment.

Wazdak had 1st turn, and moved up his 2 Rhinos, and a Daemon Prince to protect the relic, and threaten early on.

I jumped my Daemon Prince to counter the Nurgle Prince and Rhinos, and started blasting away with Flickering Fire. Unfortunately, Night Fight stopped me claiming 1st blood. I had a lot of luck with the Warp Storm table, rolling double 6 to allow me to deepstrike a unit of 2d6 + 3 horrors anywhere on the board. I picked up the same dice and rolled another double 6, and tried to go for the back armour on a predator. Unfortunately, they scattered and ended up against the side armour, managing to cause 1 hull point.

Second turn, and my Prince became enfeebled (now T4), but managed to survive the 2 Meltagun hits from the plague marines. He was then charged by the Great Unclean One AND the Prince. The cultists charged my free unit of Horrors and wiped them out in 1 turn! I challenged with the Prince and the Unclean One accepted, and opted to Smash him. Suffice to say, he was squished...

My Lord of Change moved to deal with Wazdaks Prince, while my horror units piled a couple of wounds on the Great Unclean One. My screamers had been making a beeline towards his Predators, and 1 unit charged in and easily blew up the tank. My Lord of Change took down the Prince in combat, thanks to his hatred of Nurgle, and being Str 8 (Staff of Change).

Wazdaks 3rd turn, and his Great Unclean One moved to charge my Lord of Change. His Plaguebearers charged a unit of Horrors and wiped them out over 2 turns of combat. The big combat, and crucially, The Unclean One failed his fear test, and became WS1 (I only learned Daemons were not immune to fear at this point!). I managed to leave him on 1 wound, while only taking 1 in return (from gifts and blessings, I had a 4+ rerollable Inv Save, 4+ FnP, and It will not die).

My turn, and 1 unit of screamers destroyed the predator, while another destroyed a rhino. This time, I failed my fear test, but due to rerolls to hit, managed to deal the last wound to the unclean one.

The remaining turns was basically my Lord of Change mopping up the 2 Plague Marine units, and my Horrors annihilating the Cultists who had slowly moved up to make a claim for the Relic, and by the end of turn 6, the forces of Nurgle had been wiped off the board (take that Papa Nurgle)!

At some point, I will remember to take pictures (probably when I get rid of this s****y Blackberry).

And apologies to Wazdak if there are any discrepancies above, this has been done from memory days after the game.

Cheers for reading

Deathbringa: I've invested heavily in keeping these models upright:

Almost done all 25 rangers - getting a bit bored of painting bone!

That's all for this week. Tune in for our Games Day UK coverage next Sunday!

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