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Nurgle Daemons vs Ravenwing Imposters (White Scars) - 2000pts

Hi all, and welcome to my first battle report. This was a 2000 point game featuring Nurgle Daemons vs Ravenwing

The game was Emperors Will (1 objective each) with Vanguard deployment. Night fight was not in effect on turn 1

Onto the lists:

Chaos Daemons - Nurgle

Great Unclean One (Warlord - Warp Beacon) (Deep Striking)
Mastery Level 2 - took Biomancy and got Warp Speed and Iron Arm
2 Greater Rewards - got Hellfire Gaze and Dark Blessing

Nurgle Herald (with Plague Bearers 1)
Greater Reward - got Corpulescence

Nurgle Herald (with Plague Bearers 2)
Greater Reward - got Corpulescence

14 Plaguebearers

14 Plaguebearers

14 Plaguebearers

7 Nurglings (Outflanking)

7 Nurglings (Deep Striking)

2 Beasts of Nurgle (Deep Striking)

2 Beasts of Nurgle (Deep Striking)

Daemon Prince of Nurgle
Daemonic Flight
Warp Forged Armour
Mastery Level 1 - took Biomancy and got Enfeeble
Lesser Reward - got Plague Flail

Daemon Prince of Nurgle
Daemonic Flight
Warp Forged Armour
Mastery Level 1 - took Biomancy and got Warp Speed
Lesser Reward - got Cleaving Strike

Daemon Prince of Nurgle (Deep Striking)
Daemonic Flight
Warp Forged Armour
Mastery Level 1 - took Biomancy and got Life Leech
Lesser Reward - got Cleaving Strike

Ravenwing Imposters (White Scars)

Sammael (Khan(?)) in Land Speeder (Warlord - Rapid Manoeuvre)

Librarian on Bike (with Ravenwing Attack Squadron 1)
Mastery Level 1 - took Prescience

Ravenwing Attack Squadron 1 (6 bikes)
Vet Srg
Plasma, Melta

Attack Bike with Multimelta

Ravenwing Attack Squadron 2 (6 bikes)
Vet Srg
Plasma, Melta

Attack Bike with Multimelta

Tactical Squad 1 (6 men)
Missile Launcher with Flakk Missiles

Tactical Squad 2 (6 men)
Missile Launcher with Flakk Missiles

Tactical Squad 3 (5 men)
Missile Launcher with Flakk Missiles


6 Black Knights
2 Ravenwing Grenade Launchers

5 Land Speeders
2 Heavy Bolters each

Assault Marines (8 men)
Vet Srg with Power Axe

Aegis Defence Line (ADL) with Quad Gun

The Ravenwing won the roll-off for the first turn, and so started deploying.

The ADL was deployed to encompass a hill in the deployment zone in the left corner of the Ravenwing deployment zone. Behind the ADL deployed Tactical Squads 1, 2, and 3 (with squad 2 manning the Quad Gun), and the Assault Marines. To the right of the ADL, Sammael, the Darkshroud, and the Land Speeder squadron. In front of the ADL came the squad of Black Knights on the left flank, and Attack Squadrons 1 and 2 with Attack Bikes to the right of the Knights.

The Daemon deployment tried to utilise Nurgle's Shrouded USR,

14 Plaguebearers with 1 Herald deployed in the centre of the Daemon deployment zone in a ruined building. Daemon Princes 1 and 2 deployed behind the Plaguebearers, also benefitting from a cover save from the building. To the left of the building (from the Daemon perspective) was a ruined fence which Plaguebearers 2 with Herald deployed behind it. Further to the left, the last squad of Plaguebearers deployed in the wing wreckage of an imperial flyer. The Nurglings infiltrated into a ruin which was slightly ahead of the wing wreckage and fence.

The Ravenwing used the scout move to close towards the Plaguebearers in the ruined building

The Daemons failed to seize the initiative

Ravenwing Turn 1

The Librarian had scouted too far away from the Land Speeder Squadron, so did not cast anything this turn.

The Black Knight moved up the left flank supported by Ravenwing Attack Squadron 2. Ravenwing Attack Squadron 1 moved into range of the Plaguebearers in the building, along with both attack bikes. To the right of Ravenwing Attack Squadron 2, the Land Speeder Squadron and Sammael formed a wall, ready to pound the Plaguebearers in the building.

Ravenwing Attack Squadron 2 opened up with their bolters, causing 4 wounds, which were all saved by the cover save (2+)

Attack Bike 1 did not manage to cause any wounds, but Attack Bike 2 did, which the Daemon player did not save. Sammael added his weight of fire and caused 6 wounds, with 2 finding a way through the cover and taking down Plaguebearers. The Darkshroud added another wound, which was again failed. Next came the Land Speeder squadron, managing 23 hits from 30 shots, and 20 wounds! However, only 2 Plaguebearers fell to the storm of shots. From the shots behind the ADL, only 1 Krak Missile killed any Plaguebearers. The Black Knights had 1 in range, which was again saved by the combination of cover and shrouded.

All in all, the Daemon player lost 7 Plaguebearers, from a whole army's shooting. Not too bad!

Chaos Daemon Turn 1

Prince 1 cast Enfeeble on the Black Knights. Prince 2 tried to cast Warp Speed on himself, but failed the psychic test. Prince 2 jumped out of the ruin and landed in front of the Black Knights. Prince 1 took to the skies, and moved between the Black Knights and Ravenwing Attack Squadron 1 with Librarian.

The gods offered no help this turn, as the Warp was calm, so straight onto assault.

Prince 2 declared a charge against the Black Knights. The resulting overwatch stripped 1 wound from the Prince, and must have also knocked him off his footing as he failed the charge (needed around 5"). This left both Princes horribly exposed to a lot of shooting...

Ravenwing Turn 2

The Librarian cast Prescience on the Land Speeder squadron. The rest of the army manoeuvred to surround both Daemon Princes and hoped to kill both before the Princes could assault anything.
Shooting started with Tactical squad 1 shooting at the flying Daemon Prince, but could not hit, even the Flakk Missile failing to find its mark. Tactical squad 2  had much better luck, causing a couple of hits and wounding the Prince. The loss of concentration sent him crashing into the ground, causing a further wound. Seeing the opportunity to deal with the Prince, both attack bikes shot with bolter and multimelta, each finding weak points and killing the Prince.
The Land Speeders had the Daemon Prince that had failed to charge the Black Knights in their sights, and in a deafening crescendo of heavy bolter fire, brought down it down, its armour cracking under the fusilade. The Land Speeders managed an impressive 29 hits out of 30, thanks to prescience, and caused 20 wounds.
With the threat of the Princes neutralised, the remaining Ravenwing units continued their salvo against the Plaguebearers in the building. Ravenwing Attack Squadron 1 with Librarian opened up first, causing 1 wound, but finally the Heralds Fecundity proved valuable, as the Daemon shrugged off the wound and stood back up.
The Black Knights went next, firing 2 Krak Grenades and 4 Plasma Talons, causing 5 wounds. However, these shots all dissipated against the ruined walls, causing no harm to the Plaguebearers inside.
Ravenwing Attack Squadron 2 fared no better, causing 3 wounds which were again saved by the cover of the building.
Chaos Daemon Turn 2
It had been a brutal couple of turns against the Daemon player, and some allies were desperately required. Unfortunately, Grandfather Nurgle wasn't offering much assistance, as only Prince 3, the Nurglings, and 1 unit of the Beasts of Nurgle made it to the battlefield, leaving the other unit of Beasts of Nurgle, and the Great Unclean One in reserve.
The Nurglings came on the Ravenwings left flank, attempting to threaten (or at least tie up) some of the Ravenwing fire base behind the ADL.
The Prince appeared behind Sammaels Land Speeder, while the Beasts of Nurgle landed to the left of the building.
The Plaguebearers, having tired of hunkering behind the cover of the walls, moved out into the open, ready to assault the Ravenwing Attack Squadron 1.
The Warp Storm hanging over the battlefield lessened, causing the Daemons invulnerable save to be reduced by 1. Was this Tzeentch interfering with the fates of his most hated rival?
The newly arrived Daemon Prince successfully cast Life Leech at Sammaels Speeder, causing a glancing hit, which Sammael was unable to avoid.
The Plaguebearers charged against Ravenwing Attack Squadron 1, suffering 4 hits and 3 wounds from overwatch. However, only 1 Daemon died, thanks in large to feel no pain. Ravenwing Attack Squadron 1 struck first, successfully dispatching 2 Plaguebearers. The Plaguebearers struck back with their poisoned blades, managing to wound 3 Bikers. However, their power armour resisted the toxins, and not one Marine fell. The Daemons lost combat, and rolled for Daemonic Instability, managing to roll Reality Blinks, allowing the 2 dead Plaguebearers to return to the fight.
Ravenwing Turn 3
Again, the Librarian cast Prescience on the Land Speeders, who then moved to encircle the Daemon Prince. Ravenwing Attack Squadron 2 moved to support Ravenwing Attack Squadron 1 with the Librarian who were fighting against the Plaguebearers.The Black Knights moved to obtain line of sight to the Beasts of Nurgle.
Shooting, and Sammael, wanting revenge on the Daemon Prince that had damaged his Land Speeder, targeted him, but struggled to hit, causing only 1 wound. The Prince managed to remain airbourne, so Tactical Squad 2 opened up with their Flakk Missile and Quad Gun, causing 3 Wounds which were all failed!
The Black Knights shoot the Beasts of Nurgle, losing 1 Knight to an overheating Plasma Talon. The Beasts manage to save all the wounding hits, but are at -1 toughness due to the Rad Grenades.
The Assault Squad, Attack Bikes, and Tac Squad 3 fire at the Nurglings, and managed to cause 6 wounds.
Combat, and the Assault Squad charged the Nurglings, causing 6 wounds from the ferocity of their charge (Hammer of Wrath). Chainswords and Bolt Pistols dealt another 12, meaning only 1 base remained. The Nurglings hit back, managing to drag one Marine down, before they failed their Daemonic Instability test and returned to the Warp.
Ravenwing Attack Squadron 2 charged in against the Plaguebearers engaged with Ravenwing Attack Squadron 1. The Herald and the Vet Srg of Ravenwing Attack Squadron 1 squared off in a duel, the Herald dealing no wounds and suffering one in return. The combination of Hammer of Wrath, and basic attacks killed all the remaining Plaguebearers in the unit, and the Herald died to Daemonic Instability.

Chaos Daemon Turn 3

The Great Unclean One deep strikes in, landing near the Plaguebearers behind the fence. The Beasts of Nurgle move up to threaten Ravenwing Attack Squadron 2, while the Nurglings move out of the cover of the ruin to threaten Ravenwing Attack Squadron 1.

The Warp Storm table results in Nurgle, Glorious Nurgle, but a disappointing set of dice rolls meant only Tactical squad 2 was hit, and suffered 1 casualty.

The Great Unclean One targets Sammaels back armour with Hellfire Gaze, causing a glancing hit, but Sammael manages to jink out of the way, and remained in the fight.

Onto assault, and the Beasts charged Ravenwing Attack Squadron 2. The Marines hit first, causing 1 wound. The Daemon player rolled for the Beasts attacks, and managed to roll snake eyes! They caused 1 wound, which was saved by the Marines armour.

The Nurglings charged Ravenwing Attack Squadron 1. The Librarian struck with his Force Sword, causing 1 wound, and banishing a whole base of Nurglings back to the Warp. The rest of the Marines caused 2 wounds. The Nurglings attempted to drag down some Marines, and with 25 attacks, managed to cause a mighty 1 wound. To add insult to injury, this was also saved. Daemonic Instability caused another 3 wounds to the Nurglings.

Ravenwing Turn 4

The Librarian continued assisting the Land Speeders by casting Prescience on them. The Land Speeders, Sammael, and the Darkshround turn to face the Great Unclean One. The Black Knights drive through the ruined building, up to The Plaguebearers behind the fence.

Shooting, and Sammael started by opening up on the Great Unclean One. Despite being very accurate, the shots were not having much of an impact, only causing 1 wound which was saved. Attack Bikes 1 and 2 fared little better, causing 1 wound between them, but again seeing it saved. The Land Speeders were next to target the Daemon, getting 22 hits and 8 wounds. However, dark blessing meant only 2 wounds were suffered. The firebase behind the ADL had range, and so took a few popshots, but only a Krak Missile from Tac Squad 1 managed to hurt the Daemon.

The Black Knights attempted to thin out the Plaguebearers numbers before assaulting in. 2 Rad Grenades caused 7 hits, and the Plasma Talons caused another 4 wounds, but no Daemonn fell.

The Black Knights gunned their engines and assaulted into the Plaguebearers, hoping to take advantage of the Rad Grenades effect. They managed to inflict 4 Hammer of Wrath wounds, and 6 wounds from their basic attacks. However, only 3 Daemons fell. The Plaguebearers struck back, but managed a measly 1 wound, which was again saved by the Marines armour, while the Nurgle Herald completely failed to hit with any of his attacks. Daemonic Instability accounted for a further 2 Plaguebearers.

The Beasts of Nurgle fared much better this turn against Ravenwing Attack Squadron 2. The Marines struck first, but caused no wounds. The Beasts of Nurgle generated 13 attacks, and managed to kill 2 Marines. The remaining marines held their ground (I think he forgot he had Hit and Run).

Ravenwing Attack Squadron 1 struck out at the Nurglings again, causing 5 wounds. 4 bases of Nurglings struck back, killing 1 Marine. The Nurglings suffered a further 5 wounds from Daemonic Instability, leaving 3 bases left.

Chaos Daemon Turn 4

The Great Unclean One tried to boost his combat prowess, successfully casting Warp Speed, giving him +3 initiative and attacks, but failed to cast Iron Arm.

The second unit of Beasts of Nurgle finally turned up on the battlefield, deep striking near the Plaguebearers facing the Black Knights. The Great Unclean One moves 1"away from the Black Knights.

The Warp Storm table resulted in Daemonic Possession, and the Librarian was possessed by a Nurgle Herald  after failing his ld test.

The Great Unclean One charged into combat with the Black Knights, and from 9 attacks, only managed 4 hits. These 4 all wounded, killing 4 Black Knights, leaving 1 left. He hit the Plaguebearers, killing 1. The Plaguebearers and Herald struck next, but failed to cause any wounds! The Black Knight held his ground, while the Great Unclean One was left unengaged.

The 4 Marines remaining from Ravenwing Attack Squadron 2 completely fluffed their attacks against the Beasts of Nurgle, managing to roll all 1's for their hits. The Beasts only generate 7 attacks, but manage to kill 2 Marines. The remaining Marines falls back 7" towards his own table edge.

Ravenwing Attack Squadron 1, now minus the Librarian, cause 1 wound to the Nurglings, and suffer none in return. Having grown tired of being bogged down in combat, they decided to Hit and Run away.

Ravenwing Turn 5

The Land Speeders move to deal with the Beasts of Nurgle that had recently been engaged with Ravenwing Attack Squadron 2. The attack bikes and RAS 1 move up to the Great Unclean One, hoping to bring him down with firepower.

Ravenwing Attack Squadron 1 start the shooting phase, causing 3 wounds on the Great Unclean One, but seeing only 1 make it through the Daemons unnatural hide. Sammael managed to cause 2 wounds, but both were saved. The Attack Bikes shoot next, and leave the Great Unclean One on 1 wound. The firebase fire next, Quad Gun shots and Krak Missiles streaking through the air and manage to kill the Great Unclean One.

Ravenwing Attack Squadron 2 shoot the Nurglings, but cause no wounds, and see their Plasma Gunner die to overheat.

The Land Speeders gun down the Beasts of Nurgle, wiping them out with sheer weight of fire.

The remaining Marine from Ravenwing Attack Squadron 2 charges the Nurgling, but causes no wounds, and then dies to the return attacks.

The last Black Knight kills another Plaguebearer. The Herald causes 2 wounds, but both are saved, and the Plaguebearers cause no wounds, and lose 2 to Daemonic Instability.

With only a few units left, the Daemon Player concedes.

My Thoughts:
Wow, that was a fairly one sided game. The Nurgle could not threaten the Ravenwing, and suffered greatly from a lack of ranged weapons. He also had a lot of bad luck, failing a charge in turn 1 against the Black Knights, suffering -1 to his invulnerable save as he tried to attack back, reserve rolls keeping parts of his army away from the battle until it was almost over etc.

Thank you for reading. If you have any comments / suggestions / thoughts etc, please post them up.


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