Thursday, 6 September 2012

Orks, Orks, Orks, Orks, Orks.......

Well it's been a while since my last update for the Battle of the 11th Legion, and not a great deal of progress. 

But I have made some progress, a unit of Ork boys.

I am aiming for a blood axe themed type list, so camo was the key, well Ork camo, you get the idea....

I tried something new with this unit, a directional undercoat (sorry no picture of this.)
Basically starting with a black undercoat you give the model a blast with grey from a 45 degree angle. Next you shoot white paint straight down from the top of the model.

I started with a green wash over the model, this helped show where the light would fall on the model. Then  I started highlighting up with quite watered down paint. The skin tones worked better on some models then others...

I have decided to go for a Green/Khaki colour for the Orks clothing, kind of world war 2 allied uniform look (colour wise that is...) The Ork nob is also a brown/orange colour at the moment I have gone off this colour and have repainted his 'Eavy armour.

I think I will give him a sepia wash to calm down the highlights...

I have also started painting the Orks weapons with two tone metallic look. Metallic black and LeadBelcher.

I'll be giving the guns a black wash as well, so they don't look quite so clean, they are Orks after all!

I have decided to do all the amour plates on the Ork boys the same colour as the Ork Nob's 'Eavy armour.

Well I'm going to continue on these guys now, hopefully get them finished by the weekend.

DeathBringa out


  1. looks promising, it might be an idea to paint some black at the top of the guns and some rust to make them look.. orkyhs-used ;)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, I have hit the guns with a coat of Nuln Oil shade. So that guns no longer shine. As what kind of an Ork cleans his gun, let alone polishes it! LOL. Need to get the energy to finish them now...

      DeathBringa Out.