Monday, 2 July 2012

Land Speeder Completed

Well there is nothing like the build up to a tournament that gets me to actually finish building/painting models...

And the 40k doubles tournament was no exception, and it meant that two more units are now painted and making a fine addition to my growing Blood Angel force.

The First is the Land Speeder from my last post:

Starting with some pics of the lower weapon mount (which I forgot to do before it was painted.)

As my original intention was to use the Land Speeder with just a Multi-Melta, so all the weapon options needed to be removable. The weapon mount needed to be able to come off, and both the weapon options needed to be an option. So that made it slightly more of a challenge.

As I wanted the option to use the Typhoon launchers, they needed concealing, which I think I have achieved:

One final comment about how I painted the Land Speeder, the weapons themselves I used a some new paints that I recently bought. Vallejo Model Air MM gun metal metalizer, which turned out to be like a metallic black colour. Which I thought turned out quite nicely when finished with a black wash.

And Finally here is the second unit I had to paint, Mephiston:

Overall I am quite pleased with the results I achieved on these two models...

DeathBringa Out


  1. Looks pretty darn nifty sir! Funny, I just finshed painting up my 1st Landspeeder last night....

  2. Thanks, the land speeder kit has quite some way from its first release, when it only included a heavy bolter and a multi-melta option...