Saturday, 31 March 2012

DeathBringa at the Yorkshire Open Tournament Final

Well Sunday the 25th came round very quickly and I had 3 games of 1800 points 40k ahead of me.

Somebody had the bright idea to hold the tournament the day after daylight savings took effect. So we had to wait over an hour for all the players to turn up.

This was my 1800 point force:

This is the list I used:

Librarian: Terminator Armour, Storm Bolter, Blood Lance, Unleash Rage.
Reclusiarch: Jump Pack.
Sanguinary Priest: Jump Pack
Sanguinary Priest: Terminator Armour, Power Weapon.
6 Assault Terminators: 3 with lightning Claws, 3 with Thunder Hammer Storm Shield.
Land Raider Crusader: Extra Armour, Multi-Melta.
Tactical Squad: Flamer, Missile Launcher
10 Assault Marines: 2 MeltaGuns, 1 Power Fist.
Devastator Squad: 4 Missile Launchers
Vindicator: Siege Shield.
Predator Tank: Auto Cannon, 2 Las-Cannon sponsons

Now it was 3 games to decide the champion, But unfortunately I didn't think to take any pictures of the event and the armies there... so apologies for that.

But here is a short break down of my games...

Game 1: Dawn of war deployment, capture and control.

It started well for me, I was playing Tyranids... with two Tervigons, a Tyrannofex and a large unit of 'outflanking' Genestealers as the key units in the force....

Highlights from the game...

20 Genestealers came of from my right flank which I had most of my tanks on and it wasn't looking good for them. But luck was shining on me and my opponent rolled a 1 for his run move and was just out of assault range because of that.

My Land Raider survived a hit from the Tyrnnofex's Rupture cannon, that glanced the armour and stopped it from shooting. However the Land Raider completed its mission of delivering the assault terminators into combat with one of the Tervigons. The Librarian managed to kill himself with perils of the warp (helped to occur by being in shadow of the warp rule) However the lightning claw terminators outdid themselves. Scoring an impressive 7 wounds!!! But they were a victim of their own success as the Tervigons acid blood claimed 2 terminators.

3 Zoanthropes dropped down and warp lanced my land raider in the rear and blew it up :-(

What was left of the Terminators got charged by 5 Tyranid warriors (with 2 BoneSwords) and a unit of 10 Termigants. The Warriors claimed most of the terminators, but thankfully the thunder hammers saved my day by knocking off a few Tyranid warriors due to instant death rule enabling me to win combat by 3 points (even though I only 1 terminator and a Sanguinary Priest left).

My assault squad led by my Reclussiarch dealt with the other Tervigon, which by this time was already quite wounded at this point. So my Reclussiarch was able to deal with it single handed, and dodged the acid blood. And claim my opponents objective.

Turn 6 rolled round and due to the lack of Synapse creatures caused the Tyrannofex and the Hive Guard to lurk after both failing their leadership tests. The Tyrannofex was still able to finish off the last of the terminators.

The Hive guard were whittled down by my shooting.

Turn 7 came round as well and the Tyrannofex managed to assault my assault squad on the objective. But my Sergeant with Power Fist was on fire and finished it off in two rounds of combat!

So by the end of the game I had claimed both objectives and wiped out the other army!

Game 2: Codex Space Marines Five objectives, 12" deployment

And then it was down hill from there....

The second game was against a Blood Raven force led by Captain Lysander (who was taking the place of Gabriel Angelos) with a unit of assault terminators in a Land Raider backed up by no less than three units of tactical marines, a Vindicator and a Predator with twin linked Las-Cannons.

The vast majority of my tactical Marines went down to combined weight of fire in the first turn. As did my vindicator getting the wrong end a Sternguard unit with no less than 9 combi-melta's!

In my turn an ill advised run for my assault marines saw them assaulted by Lysander and his bodyguard of assault terminators. I killed a respectable 2 of them, but after the thunder hammers fell, what was left of the assault marines ran off the board, (my Reclusiarch had taken a thunder hammer to the face.)

I did however manage to deal with the Sternguard, leaving only the Sergeant alive.

Now that left both Land Raiders heading for each other, and I decided to try dispatch the enemy Land Raider with my Librarian casting blood lance, it bounced off! So the terminators tried their best but still no damage.

My opponent returned the favour and deployed his own terminators and after several rounds of combat my opponent didn't fail a single thunder hammer save.

My terminators fell and Lysander dealt with my Land Raider.
At the end of the game with much of my army dead, the enemy held three objectives to my none.

I had managed to kill over 900 points of my opponents force, which i thought was respectable achievement.

Game 3: Blood Angels, Kill Points, Quarter deployment.

Well the way this game went I might have well not bothered turning up! My opponents force consisted of one Storm Raven loaded with Mephiston and a Death Company dreadnought, and a second Storm Raven fully loaded with 11 Death Company and Lemartes topped off with a second Death Company dreadnought. There was also two units of scouts and brother Corbulo.

Well the loaded Storm Ravens were kept in reserve leaving me to shoot at the scouts in cover. Well after 2 rounds of shooting I didn't manage to kill the unit on my flank and Brother Corbulo kept the other unit alive with feel no pain.

When the Lemartes' Storm Raven turned up all my shots failed to bring it down, they either failed to penetrate or were saved due to its cover save for moving fast. Its Multi-Melta had dealt with my Land Raider and disembarked my terminators.

In the following turn the second Storm Raven turned up and the combined firepower of the two Storm Ravens killed 2 terminators and my Vindicator. My terminators decided that was enough and rolled an 11 for their Ld test and ran off the board. I was not impressed. One of the dreadnoughts cut through my assault marines. The Death Company got rid of my tactical marines.

At the end of the game I was pleased that my Predator tank had survived the battle intact and denied my opponent of wiping me out. But it was still 10 kill points to 1!

I think that is classed as an epic fail!

But overall I managed to place 11th overall, which for my first singles tournament I think is alright...

The Tournement was won by a very nicely painted Choas Daemons army (which rightly won best painted army)

Here is some closer shots of my Army....

DeathBringa Out


  1. Wow - that was some serious misfortune in the last game - you told me it was bad but I didn't realise how bad! Hopefully consolation curry eased the pain...
    I'll post my experience of the event soon.

    1. Easy brother. Bad luck on the shizzle. Love the army man. I really need to pull my finger out and build and paint my stuff.
      Peace Cortez

  2. Curry always eases the pain, unless you get a bad one then it just adds to it ;-p
    but it wasa good curry, so its all good. Think you all need to catch me up. Perhaps next year will be slightly better with the luck.

    DeathBringa Out.