Saturday, 31 December 2011

DeathBringa's ruins (WIP)

Hi all,

I have been making quite a few foam core buildings for a new board I have planned. It's going to  be an urban type board with interchangeable buildings. All made from foam board (or foam core, depending on where you are from).

My latest building project has been coming along nicely, I have been working on the Cathedral type building and have managed to get it textured and based. I have also added a pavement to the base for that urban look.

The texture is baking powder (don't know where I got the idea for that from!)

I decided to extend the building down the side...
I have tried to use a brick effect that I learnt from in an alcove...
just hope I dont ruin (no pun intended) it when I spray undercoat it (Might do that bit first by hand).

The pavement is just card from GW boxes cut into 1" strips and then glued on in sections.

Another new tecnique is the use of cross stitch mesh for a the flat roof, very cheap material, 70p for a sheet slightly bigger than A4. Will have to see how it turns out.

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  1. I love it deathbringa.
    I have a idea for glass in windows. Ill try bring the Product to are next hobby meeting ;)
    peace cortez